Improving Your Snowboarding: Part 3

Now that you know the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and seeing all slopes is white, we can discuss one of the most important parts of improving your snowboarding. What is the final and most important tip? Well, keep reading to find out.

Our final tip in snowboarding is to never settle. Everyone who snowboards that eventually becomes complacent. Complacency comes to everyone including the pros. Even instructors must constantly take lessons to improve their writing, helping to focus on tiny movements and fine-tuned snowboarding.

If you are super focused on your technique, you may believe you have everything figured out. Thing is, if you take a lesson from a qualified instructor, they have the training to analyze your performance so you can strengthen the elements of your writing and start breaking any bad habits. Many snowboarders find they have a small movement that makes a big difference in their rides, and simply changing the bad habit greatly improves their ride.

Unfortunately, many people have a negative idea of snowboarding lesson, especially if you are a novice or professional. What you must remember, though, is that a lesson may help you break through a barrier or pull you out of a plateau, giving you the confidence you need to ride any terrain.

Simply taking one lesson every season can help you progress as a snowboarder. It can get you back on track and open more the mountain for you to enjoy so you can tackle new terrain.

Whether you are a beginner or the best snowboarder on the mountain, lessons can help to improve your game while on the slopes. Take all the tips that we have covered in the past three articles heart so you can improve your snowboarding abilities. Doing so can help you meet your goals faster and ride anywhere, anytime without limits.

Improving Your Snowboarding: Part 2

In our last article, we discussed the importance of a positive attitude and keeping your toes and feet relaxed while snowboarding. We will continue to discuss ways to improve your snowboarding today.

A great way to improve your snowboarding skills is to get out of your comfort zone on terrain you are already comfortable with. It is easy for us to simply stay in our own comfortable bubble. We enjoy just doing what we know typically, but if you are wanting to try out the big slopes and risky tricks, it is time to get out of your comfort zone while on a slope you are comfortable with. For example, if your goal is to go down the black diamond while your friends look on in awe, you can improve your chances of success by trying out new maneuvers on the comfortable slopes before going to bigger terrains. For example, try perfecting your short fast turns while on the green slope before trying them out on the blue or black slopes. It’s not only safer to practice those moves on easier slopes, but you will learn the concepts before moving on.

The next tip we will discuss today is to view all slopes as white. We all look at the colored shapes at the top of the runs to determine what we can and cannot do. Well, every slope is white. Of course, the slopes are graded to help keep you safe, but perhaps those grades are holding you back. When you go on a new run, keep your mind set neutral and simply use the techniques you know to get down the slope. Doing so will allow you to write more freely without feeling anxious about the color of the slope.

Once you are out of your comfort zone and viewing all slopes as white, you are ready to overcome the largest hurdle in snowboarding that we will discuss in the next article. Make sure you check back in so you can be the best snowboarder you can be.

Improving Your Snowboarding: Part 1

Regardless of how long you have been riding, everyone needs to improve their snowboarding in some way. In the next few articles, we’re going to cover five tips to help you learn more about snowboarding. These tips will help you change your mindset while challenging you to progress in your riding, giving you an advantage.

The first tip is to always be positive. This is best done with a smile. A positive mental attitude will improve any athlete’s performance, including a snowboarder. Being positive can help you as you ride into unchartered territory or while you are learning a new skill. Besides, why would you not be happy while out in the fresh mountain air? If you meet a goal, smile. It’ll help your whole experience be more enjoyable. Even if you fall, smiled and get back up. When you are negative on the slopes, your muscles will tighten up as you mentally take yourself out of the game. So have fun and flash those pearly whites while on the mountain.

The second tip is to relax your feet and toes. When you become nervous, you tend to tighten your muscles. Doing so not only inhibits your mental game, but your performance physically as well. Anytime you learn something new, it can be a little scary. You may be tempted to use your toes to hold on inside of your boots. Doing so can cause tension and tightness in your leg muscles and quickly lead to tired legs and lazy movements. As you relax your feet and let your toes spread out, you will be able to relax and react better to the snow conditions. If you find yourself tensing up on the slopes, try breathing through it. As your body pumps oxygen through your muscles, your entire body will begin to relax, making you more mobile.

In the next article, we will discuss more ways to help you improve your snowboarding, so come back soon.