Protecting Yourself from Sunburn in the Snow

When you are out on the slopes skiing or snowboarding in the middle of winter, one of the last things you think about is getting sunburned. Besides, you are wearing your ski gear after all. The dead of winter is a time most people forget to consider the sun protection. Unfortunately, many people must deal with getting sunburned before they consider protecting themselves in the winter.

Studies show that your sun exposure during the winter on the slopes is actually higher than when you are on the beach because of the higher altitudes and thinner atmosphere. Also, snow is highly reflective, giving you double exposure.

Sun exposure itself, of course, is a good thing for our health. Protecting your skin from too much sun is also a good idea for your health. Below are ways to protect your skin if you plan to spend a day out on the mountain.

A key way to protect yourself from sun exposure is through hydration. That doesn’t mean beer, sodas, coffee, or other flavorful beverages. I often find myself dehydrated throughout the day while on the slopes. No one wants to stop for potty breaks, and you just don’t feel as thirsty went on the mountain. As your body becomes dehydrated, though, you lose water from your skin quickly as your blood vessels dilate causing sunburn. Being dehydrated can also affect your endurance and performance, so make sure you take water up the mountain.

An obvious way to protect yourself from sunburn is by using sunscreen. There are many options to consider when searching for an optimal sunscreen, so do your research. I have tried many different brands of sunscreen. My favorites tend to be the ones that are non-greasy and easily applied. Most ski lodges will have an assortment of sunscreens that have been tried and true on the mountains.

Keeping yourself from being sunburned is rather simple when you follow the two above suggestions. Stay hydrated throughout the day on the mountain and always remember to bring your sunscreen. Doing so can help you keep your skin healthy and enjoy more time up on the mountain.