Improving Your Snowboarding: Part 2

In our last article, we discussed the importance of a positive attitude and keeping your toes and feet relaxed while snowboarding. We will continue to discuss ways to improve your snowboarding today.

A great way to improve your snowboarding skills is to get out of your comfort zone on terrain you are already comfortable with. It is easy for us to simply stay in our own comfortable bubble. We enjoy just doing what we know typically, but if you are wanting to try out the big slopes and risky tricks, it is time to get out of your comfort zone while on a slope you are comfortable with. For example, if your goal is to go down the black diamond while your friends look on in awe, you can improve your chances of success by trying out new maneuvers on the comfortable slopes before going to bigger terrains. For example, try perfecting your short fast turns while on the green slope before trying them out on the blue or black slopes. It’s not only safer to practice those moves on easier slopes, but you will learn the concepts before moving on.

The next tip we will discuss today is to view all slopes as white. We all look at the colored shapes at the top of the runs to determine what we can and cannot do. Well, every slope is white. Of course, the slopes are graded to help keep you safe, but perhaps those grades are holding you back. When you go on a new run, keep your mind set neutral and simply use the techniques you know to get down the slope. Doing so will allow you to write more freely without feeling anxious about the color of the slope.

Once you are out of your comfort zone and viewing all slopes as white, you are ready to overcome the largest hurdle in snowboarding that we will discuss in the next article. Make sure you check back in so you can be the best snowboarder you can be.