Improving Your Snowboarding: Part 1

Regardless of how long you have been riding, everyone needs to improve their snowboarding in some way. In the next few articles, we’re going to cover five tips to help you learn more about snowboarding. These tips will help you change your mindset while challenging you to progress in your riding, giving you an advantage.

The first tip is to always be positive. This is best done with a smile. A positive mental attitude will improve any athlete’s performance, including a snowboarder. Being positive can help you as you ride into unchartered territory or while you are learning a new skill. Besides, why would you not be happy while out in the fresh mountain air? If you meet a goal, smile. It’ll help your whole experience be more enjoyable. Even if you fall, smiled and get back up. When you are negative on the slopes, your muscles will tighten up as you mentally take yourself out of the game. So have fun and flash those pearly whites while on the mountain.

The second tip is to relax your feet and toes. When you become nervous, you tend to tighten your muscles. Doing so not only inhibits your mental game, but your performance physically as well. Anytime you learn something new, it can be a little scary. You may be tempted to use your toes to hold on inside of your boots. Doing so can cause tension and tightness in your leg muscles and quickly lead to tired legs and lazy movements. As you relax your feet and let your toes spread out, you will be able to relax and react better to the snow conditions. If you find yourself tensing up on the slopes, try breathing through it. As your body pumps oxygen through your muscles, your entire body will begin to relax, making you more mobile.

In the next article, we will discuss more ways to help you improve your snowboarding, so come back soon.